Designer Spotlight: Rubella Jewelry

Posted on December 18, 2011 by Kristen Scalia | 1 Comment

When I think of the ladies behind Rubella Jewelry I imagine Zombie Boy in the Mugler campaign: A dichotomy of distinct characteristics. A sophistication and touch of femininity cut with a dark undertone. Pretty silhouettes paired with the morbid.

I guess the very bones of the collection is this: You can wear Rubella jewelry in a myriad of ways, however there's always going to be something a little sinister hiding just under the surface. And, over here at Kanibal Home, that's what we love best.





 And to keep you interested, here's a bit more info on Rubella Jewelry:

Rubella is a virus discovered by German doctors in the eighteenth century. It is also the alias of two artists who create (among many things) romantic and mysterious one of a kind pieces of jewelry featuring antique tintype photographs, chandelier crystals, old keys, bones, tiny knives, objects of faith and devotion, and other lovely relics which conjure up and cherish the past. Based in Jersey City, their creations can be found on Etsy, at select shops, and occasionally on the road at various craft fairs and shows. Visit Rubella at



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Henry james
Henry james

June 19, 2013

Very interesting post!! Its really romantic and mysterious jewels.Keep sharing! –

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