Chipmunk Taxidermy Class: June 10th, 2017 at 12:00PM

Please join taxidermist Amber Maykut of Hoardaculture for a workshop dedicated to chipmunk taxidermy. Students will learn hands-on the basic taxidermy skinning and mounting process. All materials - including an ethically sourced specimen, form, glass eyes and a wood base - will be provided for each student. Each class member will leave with their own finished taxidermy chipmunk. 

Please note: No former taxidermy experience is required, however since this is a skinning and mounting class it is helpful if participants previously took the mouse taxidermy lesson. No harsh or dangerous chemicals are used. Everyone will be provided with gloves. All animals are disease free and were already deceased, no specimens are killed for the sake of taxidermy. // No refunds can be given for missed or canceled classes.

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